What is CASB Neural?

What is CASB Neural?

A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a cloud-hosted security tool that analyzes the SaaS services that you use. Features include visibility and control over your cloud usage, protecting against data exposure, and helping with compliance regulations by controlling how data is stored and accessed (GDPR, HIPAA, and more).

There are 3 key areas:

  • Shadow IT: Uncover in-use SaaS/cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Grammarly, etc.), and give organizations clarity on how users manage their daily work. For example, a company may have a master AWS Account, but if a user uses their own unsanctioned or unmanaged AWS Account IDs too…how would you even know? 
  • Data Loss Prevention: Identify sensitive data exposure, including risks to personally identifiable information (PII), protected healthcare information (PHI), credit card numbers (PCI), or intellectual property (IP) through DLP policies.
  • Posture Management: Understand the overall health of a SaaS app, including which applications have been authorized to interact with the SaaS app (for example, SonarCloud having authorized access to a Github repo), how many seats are being used vs. purchased, if a user has unintentionally exposed API access, and if SSO or other security authentications are enabled.

At dope.security, we’ve included extended Shadow IT in the Fly-Direct SWG at no extra cost. And, our Shadow IT is completely unique in telling you the exact usernames, Account IDs, and Slack Workspaces being used!

What’s the problem with current CASBs?

Legacy CASBs “try” to sell this functionality, but it hasn’t been the best experience:

  1. It's complicated: Ask an admin who has actually deployed, integrated, and configured a CASB and they will all tell you the same thing—it's too complicated! Admins filter through 20+ rules for each focal area: credit cards, healthcare, PHI and figure out which ones they want to enable and/or create exemptions for. And, it's all done in a super outdated convoluted UI that is flooded with menus, sub-menus and tabs:
  1. Too many false positives: Once an admin configures these complex “if/then” rules, you’ll notice an immediate problem—lots of false positives. They say they use “heuristics” to reduce false positives, but the reality is very different. Whatever they’ve tried, it doesn't work.  So, the solution is to burden the admin and tell them to create boolean or additional logic (multiple hits) for each rule to reduce the chances of false positives:

We cannot burden the admin with more work anymore!

Introducing CASB Neural!

Unlike yesterday’s vendors, dope.security is configured and maintained from a single, easy-to-use, beautiful console. Activating CASB Neural is a one-click authorization. 

1. From the dashboard, navigate to CASB.
2. Authorize the service you’d like to protect.
3. And just like importing users in your SWG, you’ll sign in here. Done!

Once activated, CASB Neural automatically scans your SaaS tenant, discovers all public/externally shared files, and monitors for any file-sharing changes. Leveraging deep learning AI (large language models), it comprehends these files to find IP, PII, PCI, and PHI data. In other words, it answers the question, “Is this sensitive?”

By leveraging LLMs and actually comprehending the files, we materially reduce the amount of false positives—this results in higher precision and accuracy. Previously, this had to be done using regex and pattern matching (i.e. a 16-digit number is a credit card). This shift from matching to true file comprehension is an industry first and completely reduces the administrative overhead.

The most exciting part is that once classified, the LLM describes the file along with the sensitive classifications and extractions (PII, PCI, etc).

We call it DOPAMINE.

Each dopamine hit helps the admin decide what to do next by giving a clear, accurate summary of the document. From there, they can remove the file-sharing permissions with one click from the console.

Meanwhile, CASB Neural continues to remain up-to-date with any new data being shared publicly and continues to provide regular hits of dopamine for remediation. (There are no scheduled scans here, everything is automatic and uses webhook notifications!)

This is just the beginning for CASB Neural. Over time, we will grow to support major SaaS apps where sensitive data could live, including Box, Dropbox, Slack, and more. CASB Neural will also include SSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management) for no additional cost to discover which apps have API authorization to look through your SaaS apps.

CASB Neural is available, try it now!

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