What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?

What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?

Breaking down the SASE solution

A secure web gateway (SWG) is designed to filter, or block access to harmful websites and applications per company policy.

To block, or not to block, that is the question!

Today, they’re almost always cloud-hosted, which offers protection wherever a user might be, as opposed to assuming the user is on-premises in the office. They also require less setup time because there are no hardware installations. Legacy SWGs are a staple in organizations today.

SWG use-cases help maintain a consistent security posture:

  • SSL Inspection
  • URL Filtering
  • Anti-Malware
  • Cloud Application Controls

As essential as SWGs are, the current architecture means cloud proxies process traffic at a “stopover” datacenter, without any thought to the negative impact like degrading performance for the user.

In other words, it’s a game of constant redirection of normal Internet access.

This architecture results in datacenter congestion, outages, or access restrictions. At the same time, Legacy SWGs decrypt sensitive data in the cloud (at the stopover), compromising overall data security and prompting the user to think twice about sending personal information like banking details or medical records through the proxy. Whether an organization uses the on-premises hardware or a cloud-hosted solution, legacy SWGs are like taking a stopover flight with the added baggage of datacenter-reliance and on-premises hardware.

dope.swg, offers a modern, reliable and consistent experience.

Imagine that there is no datacenter. With dope.swg, you can instantly trial and install the proxy onto your device with a few clicks. The Fly-Direct architecture(1) means all the functionality takes place on-device, without sacrificing performance. Users will find speed, reliability and privacy have all increased when migrating from a legacy SWG.

dope.swg features integrated URL filtering, Anti-malware, Cloud Application Controls, Shadow IT, and user/group-based policies. It’s fully customizable: you decide where users can go. In the rare event the dope.cloud(2) is down, fail-safe features allow access to trusted company-defined websites while blocking new requests for user safety.

dope.swg’s endpoint-driven proxy solves the reliability, performance, and privacy issues that customers face every day with legacy SWGs.

Why stop over when you can fly direct?

Do you like waiting at a stopover for the next flight? We don’t.

What about your sensitive data exposed for others to see? We don’t like that either.

That’s why we built dope.swg, an on-device, worry-free proxy. It prioritizes privacy by removing the dependency on data centers that leave your information vulnerable to potential breaches. As a direct result of eliminating the stopover, dope.swg enhances coverage and performance through its modern design, by shifting everything directly to the endpoint.

The new fly-direct secure web gateway is at your fingertips.

Benefits of dope.swg:

  • Effective worldwide — users can be in a hotel, airplane, oil rig, or a proxy-restricted country. dope.swg works consistently in every country and network, so users will never have to fail open or disable the agent again (no more rogue admins).
  • You don’t need data centers — the proxy is on-device. Our Fly-Direct architecture also supports HTTP2, so the network connection is always fast, and never downgraded.
  • Without stopovers, SSL inspection occurs on the endpoint — not at a remote datacenter — so sensitive data never leaves the endpoint. Inspection produces visibility across every web transaction. Transaction records can sync to any choice of a dope.security cloud region(s).

That’s the power of flying direct with dope.security. Ready for takeoff? Try a free 30-day trial by visiting our website.


  1. The Fly-Direct Architecture (aka direct-to-internet architecture) refers to securing and enforcing policy at the endpoint, rather than performing this analysis in a stopover datacenter. Using dope.swg lets you “fly direct” to your destination.
  2. The dope.cloud is a set of security services and APIs that power the dope.endpoint and dope.console. The dope.cloud maintains a connection with the dope.endpoint and dope.console to apply policies, perform malware analysis, and deliver real-time analytics for administrators.
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